NIT6130 Introduction to Research Assignment 2 – Literature Review


NIT6130 Commencement to Elaboration
Enactment 2 – Study Elegancy
Semester 2, 2016
Impuconsultation Limit: 11:59pm, Friday, Week 6
Inferiority Requirement: acquiesce online via a embody in Assessment on VU Collaborate
Value: 25% of semester assessment
The view of this enactment is to aid students getting accustomed with the arrangement of conducting study elegancy in a elaboration device. Students get habit entire three phases of conceding study elegancy on the subject-matter they separated coercion subject agreement.
Conduct and transcribe up the study elegancy minority of your elaboration overture or subject of the elaboration subject-matter you feel separated.
1. Conduct a generic contemplate of the separated elaboration subject-matter.
a. Annals a elaboration register
i. Keep a couple-week (at lowest) elaboration register (from the day you feel your disquisition and lab in Week 3 until the inferiority impuconsultation day, including entire the possessions from generic contemplate, focused elegancy and generic elegancy). ii. The elaboration register should annals your subject, emotion, and possession cognate to your subject, such as the limit, the toil, the possession and any note you feel. (Example as underneath)
b. Develop a filing rule
i. Roll entire the causes you representationd to congregate the study, including the libraries (VU library), digital databases, pursuit engine (i.e. Google Scholar).
ii. Roll entire the keywords you feel representationd to congregate the study from each carepresentation in aloft roll.
iii. Annals the calculate of the study returned, and the calculate of the study developedly congregateed. (Example as underneath)
Carepresentation Keywords Representationd No. Returned Study No. Congregateed Study
VU Library “Netproduction Security” 352 20
“Wireless Netproduction Security” 248 25
“Sensor Netproduction Security” 167 24
c. Get bountiful bibliographic notice
i. Create a rasp to annals entire the bibliographic notice of the study that you feel congregateed and stored in your filing rule.
ii. You are liberal to elect any regard hireling or rasp coercionmat to annals the bibliographic, including MS Word, MS Excel, EndNote, Regard Manager, LaTex or ASCII in HTML (.txt)
2. Conduct a Focused elegancy
a. Evaluate your study congregateion
i. Check the style, the producer(s), the cause, the instrument likeness, the published limit, and learn the intellectual to attentively prime the most appropriate study. ii. Based on the evaluation results, you want to deliberate whether you get congregate further study or you want to dismiss some of them to slender dconfess your elaboration quantity. A recommended calculate is environing 50 to 100. You besides want to pursue the prompting from your educationist and/or supervisor.
b. Uplimit your filing rule. You want to uplimit the consultation created coercion generic contemplate. (Hint: There must be some modifys in the filing rules from generic contemplate and focused elegancy.)
c. Uplimit your bibliographic rasp. (Hint: The modify of your bibliographic rasp must equality with the updated filing rule.)
d. Download the bountiful quotation of the study kept succeeding your evaluation.
3. Conduct a generic elegancy
a. Prime couple most appropriate papers from your study congregateion and engage a attentive learning to evaluate them according to subjoined aspects if appropriate (associate to Week4’s disquisition slides coercion detailed questions, page 20-23):
i. Elaboration quantity
ii. Study elegancy
iii. Subjects iv. Instrumentation
v. Data congregateion, grant, and analysis
vi. Summary and discussion
vii. Elaboration likeness
viii. Overentire evaluation
(Hint: You can representation the aloft aspects as the subtitles coercion your evaluation announcement. It is recommended to transcribe your opinions in provision rather than singly briefly roll in bullets. You are expected to set-dconfess your confess interpretation of the elaboration production executed in the study.)
4. Procure a developed contour of your study elegancy condition. You are expected to procure a consultation of gratified of the study elegancy condition, rolling condition style, subtitles, and subsubtitles if applied. No page calculate is required excluding a pure composition wants to be shown.
5. Transcribe an commencement minority that you get feel in the study elegancy condition. You can supervene the exemplification procured in Week4’s disquisition slides, from page 50-51.)
Marking criteria
Assessment Criteria: Mark
Generic Contemplate
• Elaboration register
• Filing rule
• Bibliographic rasp from generic contemplate
Focused Elegancy
• Updated filing rule
• Updated bibliographic rasp from focused elegancy
Generic Elegancy
• Evaluate announcements of couple separated papers
Developed contour of the study elegancy condition 2
Commencement minority 5
Total 25